DJ Cunningham


I have come to embrace challenge. Challenge, is what makes me feel alive. Being diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD in grade 4, I have experienced challenges all of my life.

Dealing with this life of challenges has resulted in me becoming a master of resiliency.

No challenge is too big.

Be challenged.

Live life large.


Young Leader of the Year Award 2014

Best Keynote Partner

DJ Cunningham

Embrace failure, it is what allows you to learn, then grow. Life is a question of attitude, choose to have a good one!


Shadow puppets!

  • Give an ADHD child technology to self monitor themselves, it was this gift that was given to me. ¬†IMPROVISE. ADAPT, OVERCOME!

  • Smile!

  • Road trip…

    On his early morning jog

  • Independence through Strategy based Technology instruction. Delivered through a relationship based training model. Planned outcome: Increased self-esteem

  • DJ Cunningham

    Photo courtesy of Ania Potyrala/Ania Photography