Athena Flak

Associate Regional Coaching Manager

When working with students, it is a symbiotic relationship in which we both learn, share, and grow.  Using technology together is a perfect illustration of this;  young people have grown up in a digital age and seem to almost instinctively respond to the opportunities the programs can provide.  Being older, I have had to actively learn to embrace tech.  My dedicated and structured approach, coupled with the raw unbridled instinct of the youth can lead to amazing learning opportunities in which we collaboratively create something remarkable.

We all have strengths and gifts to share, we just need the opportunities and chance to bloom.

- Athena Flak

Technology Coach

As an educator working with children, it is an honour to be a part of helping shape our future leaders.

- Athena Flak

As a child I was deeply in love with my books and I cherished my collection.  Today, I watch my son as he fondly flips open his laptop.  The medium is different, but the relationship is the same.  We have reverence for the portal into new worlds; we love the chance to expand our experiences, develop new understandings, and seek meaning.

Teaching is my passion and learning is my joy.  Thankfully the two always seem to go hand in hand.

- Athena Flak

One of my favourite memories of teaching occurred when I showed a student to use speech to text technology.  After independently creating an original and thought provoking piece of writing, the student turned to me, eyes wide, face beaming and proudly declared, “now everybody else will be able to see that I AM smart!  I always knew it! Now others will know it as well”.