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    What Separates LEARNstyle from Other Companies


    We have developed expertise in the training of numerous assistive technologies. Training has included sessions for individuals, pairs and small groups. During SEA training, parents, teachers and staff have been part of the sessions and are always welcome.


    It is our experience that including all the stakeholders in the training increases the utilization of the software by the student. In addition, it helps to break down the stigma sometimes associated with using assistive technology. We have developed “quick hit” workshops to introduce large numbers of students to an assistive technology and in-depth workshops to produce expertise within a school. We have developed summer technology camps and training sessions for parents. We have supported the pilot of remediation software for students with autism and have worked with a wide diversity of students with special needs.


    In our work with schools that receive school-based training for assistive technology, we have normalized the technology, positioning it as simply computer applications that are beneficial to all students. We have also incorporated the use of interactive whiteboards with the assistive technology utilizing it as an instructional tool.

    The trainers have been great role models for our students and staff alike, and have increased the use of tech throughout the Board.

    - Waterloo Catholic DSB Teacher
  • Their training has been tailored to meet the students needs and tap into their unique interests and strengths. 

    - Grand Erie DSB Teacher

  • As a result the training, our students’ self-esteem is boosted and their achievement increases when they use their assistive technology in the classroom 

    - Upper Grand DSB Teacher

  • LEARNstyle teaches our students a new way of understanding their learning and thereby raises their self-confidence and self-esteem.

    - York Region DSB Teacher