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It’s here! An all encompassing Student Services software to present Student and Class Profiles. These Profiles are powered by Individual Education Plans, Medical Plans of Care, Safety Plans, Meetings, Referrals & Consults and overall Documentation. 

You can now give every student the opportunity to succeed.  A student’s successful learning journey should not  shaped only by compliance, but instead it must be a united vision to support, grow and achieve.

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With over 20 years of experience in the special education space, we place the highest value on relationships whether direct to student/teacher training services or board-wide software. We know you by your first name, not your user ID. 
We’re with you every step of the way.

RISE, is the only Student Services software that integrates intelligent workflows and enhanced efficacy for all stakeholders, throughout all processes that Student Services manages


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We celebrate individuality, teamwork, going above and beyond. We know you by your first name, not your user ID. We’re more than a software company. We’re with you every step of the way.

RISE up to the future of Student Services Software

We have taken the complexity and effort out of report writing, data management and analysis so you can focus on helping your students develop independence.

The easy to master interface will help you learn about your students and cultivate a program that is based on individualized strengths and needs

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What makes up your RISE?

RISE was designed for users just like you—all types of teachers, support staff, specialized services and administrators .  RISE provides you with information in a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate, so you can truly make individual education plans and student services needs into living and dynamic resources.

RISE’s cloud-based platform takes the worry out of compliance and provides you tools that are rooted in current educational evidence-based practices.

RISE help you gain more time to implement student-centred accommodations and modifications so that you can maximize student learning and success, while also improving self-esteem and independence.

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The Class Profile

The class profile provides a ready reference of the strengths, needs, goals, strategies, and interests of the entire class.  So now you can see each of your classes easily in one central location without having to manage and search through digital and print information.  With RISE, teachers are empowered by a ready reference for planning effective instruction, delivery and engagement for all students in the class.

The Student Profile

The student profile holds all the information about each current (and historic) student’s unique interests, strengths, needs, and goals,   Every teacher knows the benefits of differentiated instruction and every student benefits from individualized education.  The student profile has been designed to empower Universal Designed Learning.

RISE District Roles and Responsibility Chart

Collaboration: You can access RISE simultaneously with others to provide tracking, feedback and updates to support a deeper team-based and collaborative approach.

Customization: You can create customized dashboards to gain easy access to specific information that is most relevant to your needs–whether that means creating, editing, sharing or storing information. Get what you need when you need it!

Efficiency:  You can search with modern and intuitive navigation.  The flat-level design reduces the number of layers and pages you need to search so you can find information even quicker.  Pivot workflows enable you to move from student to student within a specific topic or area of focus. Rise stays with you to make sure you see the information as streamlined as possible.  And when combined with our system (optional) automation and smart compose features you can do more in even less time. In the end, you have more time to do what you do best–ENGAGE & TEACH!


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Medical & Safety

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student success.

We offer a secure and seamless cloud-based Student Service software application, which includes all the necessary elements including Individual Education Plans. We even made it customizable to your district’s security profiles and privileges.

Forget to log out? No worries, we take care of that for you too!

Tired of massive text-based documents that simply meet compliance standards? RISE takes all that information to create a visual, intuitive, and customizable dashboard experience. You get the information you need at your fingertips while still complying with your District or Ministry’s unique needs.

Come over and  join us on your RISE journey and create a positive learning environment for students to reach their full potential.


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We leave your SIS data to the experts!

But when it comes to student success, we are the experts. We are not a Student Information System (SIS) — we are your Student Services Software.

RISE creates highly interactive Student profiles like this! And our digital guided templates for Safety, Transition & Medical Plans, Support Services referrals, Meetings and Decision Management connect information like never before!

  1st of its kind: 

 A dynamic


Intuitive navigation feature​

Do you need a class view? A student view? A filtered exceptionality view?

Whatever granular detail it is that you need to see, read, or understand, RISE has it!

Virtual collaboration tools to share and rank thoughts and strategies of your own and of peers.

RISE can. RISE will. RISE must. Together with our team, you and your students can RISE.

Every student is unique and you need to communicate that.

With RISE, clear and efficient communication channels between education staff have never been so simple.

Together, we focus on the individual student and the strategies to provide success.

Being part of RISE demonstrates that you focus on the individual student and the strategies to provide success.



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We know you by your name.

You are not a number to us.

Inspired by our founders, Rick & D.J. Cunningham, our door is always open, all are welcome! In fact, feel free to reach out to anyone on our team to experience your RISE for the first time!

Assistive Technology Training (SEA)

SEA training empowers learning professionals with resource training and adaptive technology tools to build self-confidence in the classroom.

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With expert help, you can provide tailored support to your students.

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Together, we can make a difference and give every student an opportunity to succeed

“As RISE continues to enhance its software in response to our suggestions and requests, a great product just gets better and better.”

“The RISE team is part of my team every step of the way.”

“RISE is the super tool my team needs.”

“RISE saves we time and stop countless hours of me searching for information."

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