Supporting Tier 3 reading interventions for students in grades K-12
through sequenced and carefully planned lessons
that provide students with structure and practice to
become skilled, fluent readers.

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Barbara Williams Headshot

“Literacy is an equity issue.  Learning to read is a human right. LEARNstyle supports this thinking for all learners.”

– Barbara Williams

Director, Reading Intervention 


How Reading Intervention  supports the learner

  • One-on-one instruction with individualized lessons based on student’s strengths and interests
  • Establishing rapport with students to motivate and support belief systems
  • All skills taught until mastery, but at the student’s pace
  • Focus on Phonics, Fluency, Decoding and Comprehension
  • Data driven results through daily assessment and monitoring
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Our Reading

Our Reading Intervention Coaches are highly trained and skilled with various backgrounds including Special Education teachers, Social Work, ECE, ESL and ABA backgrounds.  LEARNstyle takes pride that the diversity among our coaching teams reflects the diversity of lived experiences among our students.

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“As an experienced educator with over 30 years in public education, I have seen the positive impacts of these programs in the lives of students.”

– Jeff Hainbuch, M.Ed, OCT

"The program has built reading confidence, and I am eager to see data regarding student development..."

"The students are making good progress and have developed a rapport with the LEARNstyle Reading Intervention coaches they are working with."

"I believe that this program is beneficial towards helping them to close gaps in their reading skills. Thanks!"

"This program has been very beneficial to her, and she has noticed it in the classroom. This support has helped her become a more confident learner..."

"This program is keeping this student coming to school...thanks so much!"

"Our students are very engaged in this and look forward to their sessions and working hard to move forward to the next level each day. One of the two students even when away from school, joins from home."

"The student has shown increased confidence when sounding out and reading new words. It has been wonderful seeing these sessions benefit her in all content areas!"

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