Multilingual or English Learner

Software that will track, streamline and manage the multiple levels and milestones for ELL students



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We know there can be no guesswork when your top priority is your students' success.

Collaboratively developed with our school board clients to meet their students’ needs with the most complete and effective tool. This easy to use module allows for stress-free creation and tracking for the ELL process. 


We take pride in exceeding the expectations of school boards that are currently using this module.

Multilingual Learner (MLL)/ English Language Learner(ELL)

We make sure you have all the necessary information, so you can focus on MLL/ELL student development & success.

Comprehensive and flexible setup parameters allow a board to configure each aspect of the interface and interaction with ELL documents. Even for virtual classrooms and students, we’ve got you covered with this module!

This tool will ensure we are providing the metric based tools to successfully support our ESL students with their learning and development.”

– Teacher, Waterloo DSB


Easy Integrations

Easily track program type (ELD, ESL) and support type (Modified, Accommodated, Monitored, ABLE)

Forward Thinking

Smooth transition for student information with continuous planning process all in one module

Want a change? We can do it!

Create customized assessments with consistent questions/processes and record students’ initial and ongoing STEP levels for both ELD and ESL program types.

Pre-Registration Requirements

Ability to process pre-reg students to have them set up in programs earlier


Manage and track your ELL students’ journey and provide transparent reporting of specific progress over time.


Save time with the ease of sharing data with autogenerated, customized parental notification letters

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Build comprehensive plans.

With countless features and customizations included, each module or the whole eLite suite provides you with everything you need to effectively empower your teachers and staff with Student Success solutions for Multilingual Learners and English Language Learners.

eLite Modular Suite

Customize your experience to reach new levels of success. Check out the other available modules

Our other modules will help you capture just what you need to make better informed decisions.

“It has been the best, the most useful software at our board - absolutely geared to my and my students goals and needs. I feel like the software knows what I need before I even do!

Halton District School Board

Burlington, Ontario

“The data that has been mined from eLite has allowed us to better allocate staff, resources and indentify programing needs.”

Grand Erie District School Board

Burlington, Ontario

“As Cardinal continues to create new modules in response to our suggestions and requests, a great product just gets better and better.”

Renfrew County District School Board

Pembrocke, Ontario

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Are training and technical support included with eLite?

We have an expert staff who understand all facets of the eLite tools and board infrastructure in order to provide support for a myriad of requests, including training to a diverse audience within a school board.

What system requirements do I need to install eLite?

We work with your systems! We are integration specialists that know the powers of data occurs when it can be securely managed, shared and developed by all stakeholders

How long will it take to get up and running?

We provide a timeline at the onset of any project, with clear deliverables and milestones. We are partners in surpassing your goals and expectations. We will work with you to develop the best possible outcomes.

How responsive is your customer service team?

We pride ourselves in knowing our clients are our partners and their success is our success. Our three-tier support system combined with high yield communication tools results in a quick response and resolution time for any, and all problems.

How can I be sure eLite will work for my School Board?

We guarantee it will! And we are always happy to provide you with contacts from our current clients for their direct feedback about our software and services.




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