Vanessa Lee

Technology Coach

About me.

Growing up, I have had experiences in working with children during summer camp. It was my very first experience while working at a preschool camp that I worked with a child with special needs. During teachers college, I became interested in learning more about teaching with those with special needs. I have also been an educator in the kindergarten where I learned that building foundational skills and relationships is key. I have always been interested in working with one-on-one with students as I can build connections and relationships. When I heard that about LEARNstyle, I was excited to learn and grow with students, teachers and families!

My Hero

My mother is my hero because she has taught me that no one is perfect. She has always believed in me that anything is possible.

My Passion

My passion is knowing that I can be a part of making someone smile, learn and making a difference.

Family Gatherings

This was a painting when I was in kindergarten and was gifted to my grandfather. In Chinese, it has the characters saying ‘grandpa’.


Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is purple

Favourite Food

My favourite food is pho

My Happy Place

My happy place is P.E.I

Growing Up

My late grandfather had taken care of my sister and I through the years. My parents always instilled the importance of spending time together and I have fond memories of going to local travel destinations, apple picking, and going to museums.


After living out on my own for a year, I graduated with my Bachelor of Education.

Travel and Scuba

This was a trip with friends where we went scuba diving. I show my enthusiasm on how much fun it was!

Relaxing at a Cottage

This is a picture at a friend’s cottage. I like enjoying the views of nature. Swimming and boating are definitely fun during the summer with memories to be made.

More about me.

Swimming keeps me calm and relaxed, it is my happy place! By doing the backstroke, it really helps with my shoulders. I also like to swim at the beach and love summer as it is my favourite season. I like to travel to tropical places where I can relax and enjoy the sun!

“Learning never stops as we are growing everyday!.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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