Thisanya Natkunanthan

Technology Coach

About me.

I love that LEARNstyle tries to give every student a fighting chance. The work we do at LEARNstyle empowers students to succeed and achieve their true potential. I love the innocence and “aha” moments, we get to see every day when working with kids. It gives the kids the opportunities needed to get the education and understanding they deserve. It’s not easy being a child in today’s education system, but with LEARNstyles technology it gives them the fighting chance they deserve to get ahead in this world.

My Hero

My mom is my hero. She raised two kids as a single mom all while still doing her masters. She’s like super mom to me!

My Passion

I wake up every morning because every day is a new adventure! I’m so excited to see what each day holds and meet all my unique students!

Haircut Exploration

It was the night before picture day and I was so tired on my haircut! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and cut it myself…. Boy, was that a bad idea!


Favourite Food

My favourite food is popcorn! Absolutely love the buttery goodness!

Favourite Book

I love the a series of wizard books! Now you guess!

Favourite Animal

I love stingrays! They’re always smiling and so free!

Growing Up

Growing up, I lived in so many different places and around so many different people. I’ve definitely learned about so many different cultures and different learning strategies. I got to meet people with diverse backgrounds and interests.


This is me graduating from university with an undergraduate degree in Psychology! It was a long and hard process. I’m glad I had my family there to support me along the way.

Hollywood Walk of Shame!

This is a picture from the Hollywood Walk of Shame! I got to my hands where Samuel L. Jackson’s were!

Traveling Abroad

This is a picture of me in at a Black Sand beach! It was so cool!

More about me.

I absolutely LOVE travelling when I can. I love travelling to new places and experiencing new cultures. It’s always great to try new foods and meet new people.

“Every day is a new beginning with a new adventure awaiting.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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