Susan Schmidt


About me.

I joined LEARNstyle to do one project 10 years ago, and the work just kept coming. Having watched the leaders and the business develop, grow and deepen their impact on students, I love that this is such an amazing place to work. The best people that I have ever worked with.

My Hero

My Dad. He had half a lung removed at age 22 due to cancer, and yet gave so much to our community and our family.

My Passion

Family and friends around the world. Staying in touch through Facebook and chats keeps distant people close – love it.

On the Farm

My grandfather was a farmer, and was my favourite relative. This is a donkey ride on Blackpool beach with him leading.


416 423 9155


Favourite Movie

Shirley Valentine – changed my life: sometimes leaving is the best option.

Best Memory

Calling Dad, telling him that I loved him, 3 days before he died unexpectedly.

Happy Place

Haiti – Love the people there.

Growing Up

Growing up in a small rural village, it was a long trip to school every day.  Secondary school was 35-40 miles away!  But it seemed like an idyllic life to us then.


Graduating university was something I never thought I could do. Assistive technology is the key that unlocked all my knowledge and skills.

Hanging Out in Bali

A New Year’s gala on our last night in Bali – complimentary for everyone.

Sightseeing and Travel

This is one of the floating homes off the Vietnamese coast: illegal migrant fisherfolk who hide out on the open water for the winter.

More about me.

Travel – experiencing the world, people, places & foods. The light, smells and animals in Africa, excitement of SIngapore, the contrast of congestion and peaceful spaces in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, amazing people of Haiti  …

“This world is an amazing place - get out there to experience it, help wherever you can as you go.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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