Shelley Kornelson

Low Incidence Technology Coach

About me.

I worked as the assistive devices equipment manager and communication technology facilitator at a children’s treatment centre for nearly 14 years. Our focus was on home-based communication needs and so contact with schools was limited. Kids spend more time in school and I recognized that teachers and students would benefit from ongoing support in communication AND learning. I wanted to use my background in assistive technology to help teachers help their students achieve their goals.

My Passion

Witnessing when the tech clicks with the student or teacher during our sessions together. Seeing teachers’ excitement about creating activities and implementing them in the classroom.

Playing in Net

Summiting the Grosse Grind and playing in net.




Best Halloween Costumes

I have two favourites – Levi from Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon. I made these costumes and was quite happy with how they turned out.

Favourite Movie

Raiders of the Lost Ark. You’ve got to appreciate an educator who would risk life and limb to gather motivating materials to present to his class!

Favourite Subject in School

My favourite subject was art. Needed a drawing of your favourite member of Duran Duran? No problem!

Growing Up

I like to challenge myself sometimes when I’ve been in my comfort zone for too long. I can be stubborn when someone tells me “you can’t”. Doing the Grosse Grind in B.C. sounded like a good idea: 2.9km, 853m vertical gain, a.k.a. Mother Nature’s Stairmaster – 2,830 steps. It was amazing how supportive and encouraging people were along the way.
One of the moms on my son’s hockey team asked if I would play goalie for her beginner’s team (because my son is a goalie and naturally I would have his skill – ha!). In my first game, the referee had to help me up because I was stuck in turtle-mode. Things improved after getting a lot of advice and training from my sons. Everything from getting up and down in pads to practicing at a shooter pad. Did we win any games? Nope, but we had fun and kept it under ten goals against (baby steps).


If I had to choose two courses that were instrumental to me being a Technology Coach, it would be grade 9 typing (back in the 1900s) and computer programming. When teachers premise their training with “I’m not techy at all”, I tell them how I originally needed help to print my assignments and basically everything else. It was suggested that I take computer programming because “most jobs will require you knowing how to use one”. You don’t need to be a master programmer – just have a goal and learn what you need to achieve it.

Trying New Things

Don’t be afraid to try something new! My first time at a Comicon. Later we went out in our cosplay and Deadpool gave a thumbs up for the effort.

Sewing Adventures

Working on my latest project with my trusty sewing machine.

More about me.

I’ve always wanted to learn to make my own clothes. So, I got my machine, pattern, material, and YouTube tutorials at the ready. After some challenges and problem solving, it came together – even hem, sleeves the same length, and wearable in public!

“Listen - Ask - Do - Share”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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