Sarah Zantout

Technology Coach

About me.

Hi! I’m Sarah, a Technology Coach working in Peel. I am very passionate about education, learning, and technology. As a student, I learned first hand that approaching learning with a positive attitude goes a long way. As a Technology Coach, I have the chance to help my students adopt this positive attitude by using technology that empowers them and boosts their self-confidence and independence.

My Hero

As a self-made person who is always challenging herself to do things she never thought could do, my hero is every child, woman , and man who possess this unique strength and internal drive to change their lives and the life of people around them.

My Passion

A good, hot, cup of coffee, meeting, building positive relationships, and getting to know my students better. This allows us to work together to find ways that can maximize their benefit when using their technology.


In this picture, is me and my sister, my favorite person in the world. We were all dressed up for a family visit as part of our Eid celebration rituals.




Favourite Animal

My favorite animal is the tiger. They are such majestic animals but sadly now are endangered and need protection!

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

If I ever find myself on a deserted island I hope I have enough water, an insect repellant, and a swiss knife!

My Happy Place

My happy place is the mall. I LOVE shopping! Even if it’s just window shopping.

Growing Up

Growing up I lived in a country where it took you literally half an hour to travel from the hot seaside towards the cool mountains. I loved being outdoors playing on my bike or taking part in a dodgeball game with friends. I also loved going to the beach, swimming and playing with my sister and brother all day long!


Graduating University was a huge milestone in my journey as a learner. This picture was taken on the day of my graduation, It was a tiring day but I enjoyed every second of it.

Tae Kwon Do Testing

I never thought that holding a board for my son to break during his Tae Kwon Do testing could be soo emotional. I remember being both proud and shocked by his strength at the same time. I mean look at my face! My little boy is not as little as I remember!

Baking Goodies

Different baking goods I’ve made!

More about me.

Cooking and baking is my long time hobby. I like to experiment with different ingredients and to create my own recipes.

Never say I don’t know… there is always a way to know”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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