Saima Gharda

Technology Coach

 About me.

I have always been fascinated by the power of media and communication and always loved learning about new technology and finding creative ways to use it. I became increasingly drawn to working with young people and helping them achieve their full potential. Particularly, this led me to pursue education that has helped me better understand the unique needs and challenges students face. Now as a LEARNStyle Teach Coach I can do both, show my tech skills and work with improving student’s growth. I am now passionate about using my skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the lives of students and am excited to be working in education as a way to do so. Everyday is a new opportunity and learning experience!

My Hero

My heroes are my mom and dad, who emigrated to an unfamiliar country and built a life for themselves and their families from scratch. As such, they faced numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, but they never gave up and always worked hard to provide for us and give us the best opportunities possible. For the most part, their determination and resilience inspire me daily and have taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. I am grateful for all they have done for me and am proud to call them my heroes.

My Passion

My passion is education and helping students to reach their full potential. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the progress and growth of a student, and knowing that I have played a role in their success. Watching a student develop new skills, gain confidence, and become more independent is a truly fulfilling experience, and it is what gets me up in the morning. I am dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and supporting them as they navigate their academic journey. Through one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction, or classroom teaching, I am always excited to work with students and help them achieve their goals.

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Early Beginnings

I love wearing traditional clothes! My mom used to make us wear matching traditional clothes on every occasion.


Favourite Memory

My favorite memory is my yearly family trips. Every year, my family and I would make a long journey across the world. It was always such an amazing experience to see where both my parents came from.  We would go sightseeing, eat incredible food, and just soak in the culture. The best part was the time spent together and making memories that I will always cherish. It was a chance to slow down, appreciate the world around us, and just be together. I will always have fond memories of these trips.

Favourite Subject

I love English. I am a firm believer in the power of language and the amazing things it can do. I love the challenge of understanding literature, and I find the study of grammar to be fascinating. English also allows me to express myself in creative ways. Writing is my favorite outlet, and I love exploring my voice and style. I also enjoy discussing literature in class and learning about other people & interpretations. English is an incredibly complex and interesting subject, and I am always eager to learn more.


I am a foodie! I enjoy everything from Indian, Thai, and European cuisine, but tacos and a traditional cheese pizza are two things I could never turn down.

Growing Up

I always had a lot of energy and enjoyed being outside. Even though it was sometimes challenging for my parents to keep up with me, I always enjoyed going on adventures and making new friends. I spent my after-school hours either playing tag in the park or participating in a team activity like basketball or soccer.

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A graduation picture of me with my parents.

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Love posing up with my niece, she’s definitely a mini me!

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This was taken in Morocco Agadir. Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are a remarkable area of stunning scenery, great hiking and the valley is known for its natural pools and waterfalls. Best believe I hiked an hour to capture this scene.

More about me.

The anticipation of travel is always the first exciting thing for me. Just the notion of travelling far. It combines elements of coping mechanisms, restlessness, and soul-searching. I like observing how various individuals from various cultures connect with one another, love one another, create art, define community, and have spiritual beliefs in addition to what they value and fight for. You discover a new aspect of yourself with each new encounter. I believe that being exposed to various environments and people may be both individually revitalizing and enlightening on how other people live. It is incredibly humbling to see how different forms of life whether they be natural or human function. At home, it’s simple to maintain your routine, but the moment you enter a new environment all bets are off. Simply because you’re in a new area, you have the ability to achieve anything and are eager to test your own limits by trying new things.


Today Only Happens Once, Make It Amazing and Adventurous!


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