Rob Brown

Technology Coach

About me.

My whole life I have loved people and technology. In university I pursued a degree in Linguistics and had the opportunity to work one-on-one with kids doing speech therapy. That experience sparked my interest in doing individual training, and LEARNstyle offered the opportunity to utilize my technology skills. Combining individualized training with modern technology allows me to use my skills to the fullest and be the best technology coach I can be.

My Hero

My hero is David Attenborough because through insightful commentary over beautiful footage he highlights the beauty of the world around us, and why it is important to protect it.

My Passion

The first thing that gets me up in the morning is my alarm. The next time is my desire to make an impact!

Swimming and Popsicles

This is a picture of me and my siblings all enjoying some delicious summer popsicles.


My Best Halloween Costume

A homemade Oscar the Grouch costume, complete with trash-can-lid hat.

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

My car! I love the independence of being able to come and go as I please.

Favourite Music

I love indie rock and techno. 

Growing Up

I am the youngest of four kids, I spent my time learning from my older siblings and getting inspired by their interests. I was shy until high school when I began taking drama, and from there my personality shined. Later on, I discovered my own passion for technology and working alongside people.


I was excited to graduated from both college and university.

Trying New Things

This is a picture that goes way back to my university days catching a fun moment.

Gaming Setup

This is a picture of an awesome desktop PC, complete with coloured keyboard, dual monitors, and a microphone.

More about me.

I’ve loved gaming ever since I watched my older brothers playing games. As I’ve grown, I’ve amassed my own collection of consoles and PC upgrades. Playing games lets me experience new worlds and ideas in a huge variety of genres and there is always something new to try!

"In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double." - Bobby McFerrin.


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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