Reuben Siebenga

Technololgy Coach

About me.

From a young age I was drawn to technology and how computers enable people to be more
effective and efficient. At an early age I remember “making” a computer out of paper as a way
to play. I recall our first family computer and the peculiar sound of dialup internet. In
University, I witnessed the integration of networks to connect students in what was called
“The Facebook.” After graduation, I travelled to Korea, and learned how modern technology
could be integrated to further the connections with classrooms, and help students in a
specific, individual way. As we continue to discover appropriate, well-balanced
methodologies; one thing is certain, technology in education can offer each participant an
opportunity to strengthen determined skills and learn in relevant ways.

My Hero

Arguably the most magnificent hockey player to ever lace them up. He saved his franchise
from bankruptcy, he beat the big “C”, and to this day continues to give back to the community.
– Mario Lemieux

My Passion

My passion is my family. The “million-dollar” family is worth more than all the riches of the
multiverse. They teach me, love me, and encourage me more than I knew possible.

Art Class!

This is me and a couple of my childhood friends. Just an early art class with some crayolas. Please let your eyes wonder to notice the wallpaper


Favourite Food

Jjimdak. A Korean dish with glass noodles, vegetables, chicken, a soy based sauce,
and korean spice. 맛있어요!

3 Things You Would Bring to a Deserted Island?

a hatchet, matches, and seeds.

Favourite Animal

Our family’s new dog “Luna.” What a beaut. Luna the Goldador

Growing Up

I grew up on a farm and this provided me a strong work ethic, an appreciation for the natural world, and I was surrounded by a loving family.

“Those that work,
laugh and love together, stay together.” These foundations were forged by doing the harvest
in the summer months, family camping trips, creating and playing games, while tending to the animals/ pets. Family is a gift and I can count on my people to have my back and love
unconditionally. I look to continue to share these tenants with all I have the privilege to meet, greet, play and work with. Carry on!


At graduation and my family is always there to support, love and share in the moments.



Fundraising for Movember

All the filters here. This was to help promote a fundraising endeavour for Movember one year.
This is a great cause that puts an emphasis on ridding the world of prostate cancer while also
improving the mental, and physical health of our gentlemen.


Vegetable gardening. From my rural roots, ‘sprouts’ this pastime. Here you see the
progression that was our 2020 garden. The peppers were a huge success; the spicier the

More about me.

Tilling the earth, getting your hands dirty, and growing food are all important things to me. I recall using containers on our rooftop in South Korea to grow veggies. This is a pastime that is just starting to ‘take root.’ As our kids grow, so will our garden. One day, a greenhouse!

“The adventures are always seeking our participation, all we have to do is accept the invitations.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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