Randy Shand

Regional Coaching Manager

About me.

Having learned from a young age that having an exceptionality leads to challenges in school, I knew early on that I wanted to be an educator. After Teacher’s College, I found LEARNstyle and knew that I had found a home to finally support students from all walks of life. Stepping into the role as a Technology Coach and then as a Regional Coaching Manager, I can now empower others to walk with these students every step of the way.

My Hero

My hero is my Father because he always found the time to make life special for me.

My Passion

My passion is seeing a student smile, who may have not done so in a long time.

My Boy

My boy is my life now and he’s wonderful!


1.866.324.9155 ext. 215



A Sweet Treat

A sweet Mocha is always my favourite! When presented with a nice time out for coffee, I’m always going for one of the sweetest options!

My Own Creation

My computer project, built from scratch. Gaming is another type of meditation for me and building this pc empowered me with knowing I can try things and succeed!

Meditation via Motor

My motorcycle, Honda Rebel 500.

More about me.

Motorcycling for me is like meditating for others. It calms me, helps me to focus on what’s important and provides a great opportunity for me to reflect on my past and future decisions.

“You could have 100 words to say, but, ‘I hear you’, is often enough.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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