Nicole Wigglesworth

Technology Coach

About me.

My name is Nicole and I’m a Technology Trainer in both the Peel and Toronto District School Boards. As much as I loved school and learning new things, I struggled with many subjects in high school. In university, I was lucky enough to have a few professors that saw my commitment and passion and took the time to support me. Their dedication and willingness to teach with a tailored, individualized approach showed me that every student can learn at their own pace. LEARNstyle empowers students through various learning strategies aimed at building confidence in the student both inside and outside the classroom and I am proud to be a member of the team.

My Passion

I am passionate about travel and exploring new places, and I enjoy finding opportunities to meet new people along the way. I have lived in London, England and traveled to many countries including Japan, Croatia, and Costa Rica, to name a few favourites. I have made wonderful connections on my journeys and am always dreaming of my next adventure.

Cottage Life

My cottage has always been the perfect getaway. As much as I love technology, it is great to be able to unplug and enjoy the views.




Favourite Movie

I love any movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I love a classic suspense story and there is something so enchanting about films from this era. Two of my favourites are To Catch a Thief and North by Northwest.

Favourite Book

The hardest question you can ask a bookworm is what their favorite book is. I enjoy anything, from horror to political non-fiction, biographies to YA. I live for the Giller and Journey prizes and love discovering new authors. I have instilled my passion for reading in my son and really enjoy introducing him to the stories I loved growing up.

Favourite Subject in School

I always loved English class in school. I would spend my spare time writing short stories and could usually be found with a book in hand.

Growing Up

Growing up I spent as much time as possible outside. Our summers were spent at the cottage on the lake. All the cousins would come up and we would fill our days with swimming and boat rides. We explored the forest, picked berries, had late-night bonfires with s’mores, and watched for shooting stars. I’m lucky to be able to now watch my son discover his own adventures and create new memories at the same cottage.


Going away to university in Ottawa fueled my interest in travel and opened up a whole new world of learning. I was inspired by the unconventional teaching techniques many of my professors used in the classroom. I discovered that there is more than one approach to learning and studying.

Trying New Colours

I love experimenting with new hair colours. I’ve had a few colour mishaps but that’s all part of the fun.

Raptors Dreams

I have been a Raptors fan since the early days of purple jerseys, when games were played in the Skydome. I would love to one day be able to watch a game courtside.

More about me.

I have never been great at playing ball but that never stopped me from loving the game. Basketball has always been a way for my friends and I to stay connected. We love to get together to watch the Raptors and coach from the couch. I love the pace of the game and the determination of the players.

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”


DJ Cunningham

DJ Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer

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Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

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David Mahon

Vice President

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Lori Bingham

Associate Regional Coaching Manager


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Industry Consultant and Advisor

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Bryan Nesbitt

Director of Field Operations

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Brenda Richardson

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Randy Shand

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Barbara Williams

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Tiffanie Thompson

Scheduling Manager

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Grant Wilson

Vice President Technology

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Kelly Rudderham

Regional Coaching Manager




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