Nicole Fleming

Technology Coach

About me.

After many years in Early Childhood Education and Management, I needed to make a change and LEARNstyle’s values and mantra really resonated with my own. I’ve always loved new technology and figuring out how it all worked and being a Technology Coach gives me the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds! I love to defy what people thought I would make of myself is what fuels my passion to help children and youth tap into their full potential. To help them and others realize that they too can be successful when they have the right people and tools to guide them along the way. There’s no greater feeling than to know that I have made an impact on their learning and have helped them to realize the greatness they have within.

My Hero

My children. In their short time on earth, they have shown me how capable people are of learning, loving, growing and laughing, even through the hardest times.

My Passion

My children literally get me up in the morning! I’m passionate about inspiring and helping others to unlock their potential and making a difference in their life!

Swimming Fun

Hanging out after swimming with my family


Favourite Movie

The Lord of the Rings…love, friendship, heroes, thwarting evil, epic battles. A great escape!

Favourite Music

Music is life. My mood determines what my soul needs to hear…and how loud!

Favourite Subject in School

English. I love reading and writing. Written words have the power to transform us all.

Growing Up

I had a great childhood! Even though my mom was a single mom who didn’t make a ton of money, I never felt like I missed out on anything. I grew up with a loving family, home cooked meals, staying outside all day and getting into far too much trouble!

Goofy Pics

Snapchat fun! I like sending this to friends when they’re feeling down, or tired. Usually perks them up or jolts them awake!

Chill time

Reading, writing and drinking tea…no better way to chill out than this and get my creative juices flowing.

More about me.

Nothing quite like cozying up on the couch with a blanket, a nice hot cuppa and a good book that gets my imagination soaring. Writing my thoughts down on paper is always cathartic for me. Throw in some ketchup chips and this is one of my happy places.

"You are the architect of your life and tomorrow is never promised, so dream big, take risks, have goals, spend more time being grateful and less time worrying, overcome obstacles, let go of what you can’t control, embrace solitude, always look for the rays of light, soar above the clouds, fill your soul with love and abundance and have the belief that it will all work out in the end...because it will 🙂 "


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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