Neeta Dash

Technology Coach

About me.

Working with students of different exceptionalities inspired me to pursue further post secondary education as I wanted to improve myself and provide the best support for my students. To be passionate about something means you aspire for constant growth and progression, and I hope to inspire this in the students I work with.

My Hero

Hero isn’t the best word but rather the most influential person had been Shihan Richard from Kage Musha Dojo. He was an inspiring and guiding force in my life that pushed my boundaries but always allowed me to Be.

My Passion

Knowing that I always have a choice, whether it produces a good or bad outcome, an opportunity to learn and grow through experiences makes anything worth getting up for.

Training in Progress

Always striving to be my best


Favourite Movie

My favourite movie is Spy Game

Happy Place

My happy place is deep in a forest

3 Things to Bring to a Deserted Island

3 things I would bring to a deserted island is a will to survive, fire in the belly, and a cat for companionship and hunting qualities.

Growing Up

The thing we all have in common as people is we all go through ups and downs in life, growing up through these times, I’ve found myself grounded in Hip Hop, I consider myself fortunate to be musically creative but realized I needed to express myself in other ways to bring more balance into my life. A major transformation occurred in my life when I took up martial arts (Hoshindo Ninpo Taijutsu) that I think only another practitioner of martial arts could truly understand, so without outlining why or how it was transformative, it has certainly influenced how I lead my life now in a way where I hope to nurture the growth of myself and others.

Cat Naps

Sleep is a commodity taken for granted, the cat reminds me to chill and take naps.

Musical Expression

Music is the finest expression of the soul.

More about me.

The freedom to express myself honestly always played a role in my life, initially it began with Hip Hop, being able to rap, write poetry and make beats provided me an outlet that allowed me to share a piece of myself with others; something that was always hard for me to do. Next to Hip Hop, training in a martial art called Hoshindo Ninpo Taijutsu allowed me to express myself further and develop an awareness of how my training on any given day was a reflection of my life or what was happening internally. Both worlds bring me into a state of balance and peace that I’ve always looked for and on days when I’m not feeling any of those, I’ll always have the cat to remind me it’s okay to sleep it off and start fresh.

“I recall that there’s beauty in our hardships, so when conflicts arise call it progress and walk your walk.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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