Melissa Chapin

Technology Coach

About me.

I have always wanted to make a contribution in the assistive learning community. I believe it
is so important that students have access to resources that can help improve their learning
experience. Growing up with a learning disability myself, I have experienced first hand the
difference having the right tools and support can make. I hope to be able to help build the
confidence of students in their work!

My Hero

My hero is David Suzuki. His passion for helping and educating people about the environment has always inspired me to do and be better.

My Passion

I am extremely passionate about making positive changes in my environment and amongst my peers. I strive to do one positive task a day regardless of how big or small scale that may be.


Favourite Food

My favourite food is tacos!

Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is green

Favourite Animal

Otters are my favourite animal

Growing Up

I had lots of fun growing up with my two siblings and incredibly supportive parents! I grew up in the GTA and spent some time living in Mexico where I attended school for several months. I grew up competitively dancing and was an avid reader!

More about me.

I am extremely passionate about sustainable fashion! I love going out thrifting and seeing what I can find and make trendy. My best friend and I started our own business to share this passion with others!

Everything happens for a reason!


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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