Matt Cote

Technology Coach

About me.

I love learning and technology, especially because of how it can change the landscape of education. In elementary school, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. Technology was my gateway into the classroom. So, I could not think of a better use of my passion and experience than helping students unlock their potential.

My Hero

My hero is my mom. Without her I wouldn’t have become who I am today. She is my biggest advocate, champion and inspiration.

My Passion

I want to give students with various learning needs the ability to show the world how brilliant they are.


This is a cast photo of when I was in a local theatre company’s production of Peter Pan. I was playing the role of Micheal Darling.


Favourite Food

Homemade Pizza, made in a pizza oven

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

My hot water heater because I drink a lot of tea.

Favourite Animal

Cheetah! Love me a fast cat!

Growing Up

Growing up struggling with school I found a home in community theatre and helped me develop a voice and skills connecting with people. I took the skills I learned to start to develop my self advocacy skills and to give me areas outside of school where I felt valued for what I could do.

Trying New Things

Elton John concert!!!


Graduating university with an English honours Degree with my mom.


More about me.

Larping or Live action roleplay, is a combination of sport and make believe. Where we do a variety of activities from battle games and quests to Arts & science competitions and Bardics.

“You can get anywhere in life if you go straight and take a couple turns.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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