Lynne Savage

Technology Coach

About me.

Working with young people is something I have always enjoyed, so I trained as a high school teacher. I recognized the importance of building rapport with students to help them better understand their learning styles. We learn together, as each has a role of student and teacher. With LEARNstyle, I am passionate about serving students for whom mainstream education has fallen short.

My Hero

My hero is one of my previous high school students whom I met when she was only in grade 10. She was quiet yet determined. I supported her through high school as her teacher, through her transition to university as a mentor and now we think of each other as sisters. She overcame migrating to a new country, learning as an ESL student, a challenging childhood and being away from family. She is completing her last weeks as a university Nursing student and applying for full time positions in the city’s hospitals. Her resilience, friendship and optimism will always be qualities I admire.

My Passion

Helping students become confident leaders who can navigate their worlds to succeed.

Adventure Awaits

This was our first family vehicle we could all fit in, an upgrade from the fold-down seats in the truck. Adventures await!


Favourite Colour


Happy Place

South Pacific island hut overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Favourite Animal

A turtle because it represents travel, resilience, good health and long life.

Growing Up

As a family, we loved travelling and camping together in our various minivans over the years. Living in a remote small town, we learned to appreciate family, nature, adventure and travel.


I graduated with my Master in Education from Auckland University after being a scholarship recipient

Exploring the Rivers

River rafting: exploring and adventurous

Writing in Colours

When I’m not using my technology to write, I love writing with fancy coloured pens.

More about me.

I have loved travelling from an early age. While living abroad, I was lucky to have the opportunities to explore the other side of the world. On each adventure I try something creative to learn the culture and find a unique souvenir.

“Friends are like stars, we don’t always see them but we know they are there.” “Let us not be defined by the smallness of our islands, but the greatness of our oceans” late Professor Epeli Hauofa


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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