Lukas Kalfleish

Technology Coach

About me.

For most of my childhood, teachers thought I was lazy because I did just enough to get by. Turns out I was just bored to death! Thankfully with the use of technology, some creative teachers were able to engage me in school work near the end of high school and I haven’t looked back since. I am definitely a lifelong learner with two degrees, a Masters and PhD in the works.

My Hero

My heroes are all the students and teachers that have challenged me to think and grow over the years.

My Passion

I have always been passionate about how learning and teaching traverse traditional methods of pedagogy. I see technology as an accelerator of the dynamic encounters created between teachers, students and staff.

Family Gatherings

Me rocking the 90’s hard at a gingerbread house making party. Big believer in bringing back the sweatpants/sweater combo.


Happy Place

On the dock at the cottage.

Favourite Food

A whole pizza with no forced conversation.

Favourite Subject in School

My favourite subject was and is the hidden curriculum.

Growing Up

I was never really a traditionally “good” student growing up but I always had fun in between classes and the many valiant attempts by the teachers to make me do routine tasks. Building relationships with my peers and playing sports/games at recess were always my primary concern!


True story: when I graduated from my masters, I received a receipt for a 6 dollar library fine instead of an actual degree. Don’t worry though! I eventually paid it off and received the degree in the mail.

With the Boss

Working from home with my new boss! Productivity is not a real concern in our house!

Writing in Colours

These are some of my favorite books that have influenced me over the years.

More about me.

A passion for reading has been a staple in my life throughout the ups and downs of my school and academic pursuits. School work has always been a game to me that often (though not always!) exists external to meaningful learning, therefore reading interesting books has always been the fuel for keeping me passionate and joyful about knowledge.

“Learning is your capacity to be affected by others.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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