Latoya Gibson Cohen

YRDSB Technology Coach

About me.

My journey began at two years old when my sibling was born with intellectual disabilities. My family was thrusted into the world of special needs and I have been involved ever since! I have pledged my last 11 professional years to be that person who is willing to meet someone where they are and support their growth. I am passionate in my role at LEARNstyle because I see how as a “Changemaker” I can continue to fulfill this mission of support and advocacy.

My Hero

My hero is MOM! She is a selfless advocate, with an indomitable spirit. Defeat or failure isn’t apart of her vocabulary, she sees each challenge as an opportunity for growth and has raised her children in the very same manner. She rises to the occasion with style and grace. Her faith is unwavering and her love, tangible.

My Passion

My passion is to use the gifts I have to help others. I believe that what goes out comes back in. 


This is me before heading off to kindergarden.


Favourite Food

I’m all for comfort food, the messier the better!! (you can feed me wings and ribs everyday)

Favourite Subject in School?

Literature, I could get lost in a book. (I learned how to walk and read without bumping into anything)

Favourite Animal

Panther – Quick fact: Panthers are any melanated big cat!

Growing Up

I grew up in a beautiful seaside island community. I spent my days going to church, school and varied competitions (academic and performing).


In this photo I am graduating college with a Diploma in Special Education 

Nerd Day

This was a “Nerd Day” at the high school I used to work. My best Urkel moment.

The Dance

Acrylic art. I call it “The Dance”


More about me.

Being bored in the house during quarantine I took up painting as a way to destress. It’s now one of my favourite ways to pass the time. I mostly get the angles or proportions wrong but I enjoy doing it.

Every one is special, the job is to find what makes them so.


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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