Kristen Ditta

Technology Coach

About me.

I am a Technology Coach working in York Region who enjoys learning new things and staying active. Throughout my own education, I struggled to find the right learning strategies to allow me to perform to my fullest potential. After speaking with a Learning Strategist and discovering the world of Assistive Technology, I was inspired to work with students who felt just like I did. Acknowledging and recognizing my own strengths and weaknesses in the ways that I learn helped me tremendously in my education. I want to be able to share this knowledge with others to help with confidence and personal success in their education.

My Hero

My hero is my mom. She is someone who is kind and understanding, and I can talk to her about anything. Plus, she makes the best cookies!

My Passion

Mental health and self-care are some things that I am passionate about. There is nothing more important than being kind to yourself and others.

Family Gatherings

My cousins and I were inseparable. We were very energetic and loved to play games. There were always tears when it was time to go home.


Favourite Food

Any type of pasta, especially if it’s cheesy! Coming from an Italian family, I grew up eating pasta almost every day. I might be immune to getting bored of it!

Favourite Subject in School

Aside from gym, math! I sometimes struggled with reading and writing, but math always came easily to me. As a kid, I remember playing around with spreadsheets on the computer and making random graphs.

Favourite Animal

I never really had any pets growing up, until my brother brought home a cat. After that, I fell in love with them and now have two furbabies, Duke and Lynx.

Growing Up

I spent a lot of time with both sides of my family growing up. I have a very close relationship with my cousins, so we were always very excited to get together for family events. We shared many traditions such as celebrating holidays, birthdays and milestones. One of my favourite things to do was spend weekends at our cottage!


University allowed me to explore many different subjects and helped me discover my passion for education and technology.

Swimming with Dolphins

I got to take a silly photo with a new friend in Cuba. Swimming with dolphins was such an amazing experience!

Sports Outing

My dad and I enjoy going to watch live sports, especially to see the Toronto Blue Jays.

More about me.

I love playing and watching sports, gym was always something I really looked forward to in school! I played soccer for 12 years, softball in highschool and even tried dance lessons and gymnastics. I recently joined a recreational softball and soccer team- I didn’t realize how much I missed team sports and making new friends along the way!

“Everything happens for a reason, so make the best of each experience.”


DJ Cunningham

DJ Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Cunningham

Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

David Mahon

Vice President

Lori Bingham headshot

Lori Bingham

Associate Regional Coaching Manager


Larry Hope

Industry Consultant and Advisor

Bryan Nesbitt headshot

Bryan Nesbitt

Director of Field Operations

Brenda Richardson

Brenda Richardson

Technical Project Manager

Randy Shand headshot

Randy Shand

Regional Coaching Manager

Barbara Williams Headshot

Barbara Williams

Reading Intervention Lead

Tiffanie Thompson headshot

Tiffanie Thompson

Scheduling Manager

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

Vice President Technology

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Kelly Rudderham

Regional Coaching Manager




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