Katie Evestaff

Technology Coach

About me.

After completing my Masters Degree in Education the plan was to begin my teaching career, however, life had other plans: motherhood.  My passion for teaching was put on hold as I focused on building a loving and nurturing home for my family.  This decision allowed me to take a very active role in my children’s lives and development ranging from coaching various sports teams and extra-curricular to being a vocal member of Parent Council with their respective schools.  This time at home allowed me to build a strong foundation for my children and find unique ways to give back to my community (ie volunteering).

LearnStyle has provided me the opportunity to fulfill my passion for teaching while working with students to support their needs using technology.  Every child is unique and I look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in each of their lives. 

My Hero

I have been inspired by a number of extremely strong women in my life. Each of whom have impacted my life in a positive and significant way.

My Passion

Knowing that I am making a difference in the world or in the community I live.  Each day is a new adventure.

Starting Over

We arrived in Italy as refugees. A church nearby donated gifts to children in need. We were so happy. This is likely one reason why I truly love to volunteer and give back to my community any way that I can. Starting over is not easy for a family, but with willing hands to help, anything is possible!



Favourite Food

Absolutely LOVE and can’t get enough of “frutti de mare” an Italian Seafood Pasta dish.


Best Memory

My amazing husband surprised me to see one of my favourite classical artists, Andrea Bocelli in Montreal.

Favourite Animal

Obsessed with all types of Dogs! We have 2 Incredible, quirky British Bulldogs.

Growing Up

From humble beginnings. This is of me when I was 5 years old, in Castelfusano, near Rome, Italy.


I graduated from Niagara University in Lewiston, New York.

Life’s Too Short!

Life is too short to be serious all the time! We love being goofy and playing pranks on each other.

Staying Active

I enjoy working out and staying active. 

More about me.

This picture was from a super sprint Triathlon I did before having children. Now, together with my kids, we do everything active together from biking, scootering, skating, skiing, tobogganing and everything in between.

I also belong to a Kickboxing Gym and it has certainly raised the bar for my fitness goals!

"Live a Life with Purpose and Spread Kindness Everywhere you Go!"


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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