Karoline Bourdeau

Technology Coach, Blind/Low Vision

About me.

As a result of  access to technology,  I was able to achieve the almost impossible. As a blind person living the abroad, I did not have access to formal education until moving to Canada. After starting school,  I just could not stop and I now have multiple degrees! During this process, I often found myself helping others overcome tech challenges.  Being a Coach with LEARNstyle will combine my  knowledge  and experience with my love of teaching.

My Hero

With so many incredible people to look up to, I still regard Ruben (Hurricane) Carter as one of the most influential. His persistence and values inspire me to push myself further than that which is comfortable.

My Passion

The excitement to find out what is going to happen next.

Beach Day

Sandcastle building on a beach!





Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is royal purple. Being a Leo, what else is there?

Best Memory

Being in a canoe on a quiet lake at 2 am with lightening storms far away, but, visible.

Object You Can’t Live Without?

My iPhone, it’s my extra limb.

Growing Up

I grew up in several places with my siblings. While I had all the toys and clothes anyone could want, I was bored as I watched others go to school. I only began school after coming to Canada.


Standing on the stage while receiving my degree with my black lab guide dog next to me.


Raven my black lab guide (lapdog) dog on my lap making herself comfortable on my lap.


My Spice Cupboard

I’m reaching into my spice cupboard that has copious spices from across  the world. There are many jars, and they are braille labelled.

More about me.

What is a day without tasting something that wakes up your tastebuds? Creating a meal is often the highlight of the weekend. Well with the planning, shopping, and preparing I am in my element. I love experimenting with different spices, herbs and interesting ingredients. Let’s not forget the wine matching and tasting. What is even better is being able to share it with friends.

Its important to find a balance. No extreme is good.


DJ Cunningham

DJ Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Cunningham

Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

David Mahon

Vice President

Lori Bingham headshot

Lori Bingham

Associate Regional Coaching Manager


Larry Hope

Industry Consultant and Advisor

Bryan Nesbitt headshot

Bryan Nesbitt

Director of Field Operations

Brenda Richardson

Brenda Richardson

Technical Project Manager

Randy Shand headshot

Randy Shand

Regional Coaching Manager

Barbara Williams Headshot

Barbara Williams

Reading Intervention Lead

Tiffanie Thompson headshot

Tiffanie Thompson

Scheduling Manager

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

Vice President Technology

Kelly Rudderham headshot

Kelly Rudderham

Regional Coaching Manager




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