Karli Sheahan

Technology Coach

About me.

I began my journey into the education world at university, where I received my bachelors degree in Youth and Community Studies. I continued my schooling and obtained my teaching certification. While continuing my studies, I attended a seminar about teaching careers and other careers that link to teaching. I connected with the idea that there are a variety of careers that can be fulfilled when you hold a teaching degree. I always felt that I wanted to work with a unique group of students, rather than the entire classroom. I began developing a passion for working with students that are battling adversity. I felt this was my purpose, so when a job opportunity came along, working with students in the special education program, teaching them how to use assistive technology tools to help them succeed, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.

My Hero

My hero is my partner, Nat. She inspires me everyday to be the best person that I can be. She works hard and always has a positive attitude!

My Passion

Cooking inspires me! I look forward to cooking creative meals throughout the day. I enjoy the challenge of making new recipes that I find online or from family and friends. I especially like to experiment with my BBQ pit smoker in the backyard!

Dog Lover

My love for dogs and other animals started here with these two pups!



Favourite Food

Smoked Salmon

Where is Your Happy Place?


Favourite Colour

Blue or Orange (Burnt Orange)

Growing Up

Growing up was filled with a lot of activity. Trips, camping, hanging out with friends and family and a lot of sports. I enjoyed all of the extracurricular activities and adventures.


This picture was both happy and sad. It represents all the good times I had in here and it also signifies the end of an amazing journey! Lucky for me, a new journey was waiting for me back in my home country of Canada!

Ingenuity in Mini Golf

Playing Mini Golf is so much fun! Am I doing this right?

Road Trips

Road Trips! I love taking road trips with my partner, Nat! We have been to a bunch of really cool cities, exploring and catching some NHL hockey games along the way.

More about me.

I believe traveling is an exciting way to occupy the weekends. Going to different cities and experiencing the energy and cultures of each city. Going to restaurants and diving into the activities that are happening around us. We try to incorporate our love for hockey in each city that we visit by catching an NHL hockey game. Each city has its own vibrancy and I love to be a part of it all!

“We always have the opportunity to grow and learn from each experience in life. Learn from your mistakes, optimize your opportunities and be resilient!”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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