John Tideman

Director, Strategic Growth

About me.

I’ve always been interested in the education sector; specifically, how each of us learn differently and how the school system approach education based on the various learning styles. As a result of a family member being identified with having a learning difficulty, my family subsequently was introduced to LEARNstyle. Having an opportunity to work with a team that is passionate about supporting children that learn differently and that want to make a lasting impact in a child’s life is aligned with my passion and this is more of a calling than a job.

My Hero

The individual I admire today would be, Elon Musk. He is a visionary leader and his commitment to making the world a more sustainable place by tackling obstacles and legacy industries that others have failed to do is exemplary. He is also integrating his vision into education with his own school, Ad Astra: Latin for, To the Stars…

My Passion

I am passionate about “change”, particularly so if it makes a meaningful impact on someone’s life. A disruptive change, now that gets the heartbeat going!

At the Cottage

At the cottage with my best friend of 50 years.


  1.866.324.9155 or 416 423 1441  ext. 209


My Happy Place

My happy place is sitting on the ice, augured hole, watching the tip of my fishing rod get bent.

Favourite Animal

My dog Toby is my favourite fourth child. 

Favourite Book

My favorite book would be something from Malcolm Gladwell, perhaps Outliers.

Growing Up

I’ve been truly blessed to have been able to participate in “cottage life” and to this day still get together with my bestie (the white dress) for a beer around the campfire and occasionally out on the ice for a fish.


Set my sights on getting a Masters. 2 years from the beginning of that journey, my parents were able to attend my graduation ceremony. Really proud of this personal accomplishment and to share it with my parents was super special!

Trying New Things

We are a camping family and fortunately, we’ve got a few neighbours that also enjoy getting out once a year for the annual camping trip to one of Ontario’s fantastic Provincial Parks. In case you’re wondering, I’m the one on the right with the long tongue.

Ice Fishing

In my happy place, rod bent, landing a lake trout. Honestly, it was 50Lbs…

More about me.

As the saying goes, “enjoy the journey not just the destination”. It really is the adventure associated with this winter activity; preparing the gear, getting the right bait, locating the fish on a frozen lake, auguring the hole to see how thick the ice is, setting the line and hopefully the hook.

“Life is an adventure, get out and enjoy the journey of it!”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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