Jessica Maruso

Technology Coach

About me.

I love learning and technology, especially because of how it can change the landscape of education. In elementary school, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. Technology was my gateway into the classroom. So, I could not think of a better use of my passion and experience than helping students unlock their potential.

My Hero

As a deep lover of nerd culture, feminism and queer rights, I have always looked up to Sir. Patrick Stewart. He has been vital in universes like X-Men, Star Trek and various Shakespeare plays that have helped shape the woman I am today. He is outspoken on gender-based violence, queer rights and animal rights. His passion for grassroots activism has fueled a lot of my own ideas and projects.

My Passion

I live to help the students who feel like aliens in their classroom because I have been there, and I know how frustrating that can be. I go into work every day with the mission of using assistive technology to unlock the potential in every student.

Family Gatherings

When I was growing up, we could not get through a family gathering without my sister, my cousin and myself showing our family a dance we had made up that night! We loved putting on a show.


Favourite Movie

By far, my favourite movies are the marvel movies. I am a huge Marvel fan and lover of all things superhero.

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

I could never live without my phone! I am constantly looking through social media, listening to podcasts, my Google calendar. My whole life is on there!

Favourite Subject in School

Despite my struggles with writing, my favourite subject was always English. I could read for hours, then discuss theories, plots and themes for just as long. Without assistive technology, I would have never discovered my love for literature.

Growing Up

Growing up I loved being the centre of attention and surrounded by people. I could be found in the centre of a conversation, dancing in the kitchen, or playing video games with a group of friends. I never stopped moving or talking!


Graduating university was something I never thought I could do. Assistive technology is the key that unlocked all my knowledge and skills.

Trying New Things

I love trying new things! Here I am at my first aerial lyra class. I had a blast testing my limits and seeing what I was capable of.

Writing in Colours

When I’m not using my technology to write, I love writing with fancy coloured pens.

More about me.

This is the perfect, little snapshot of three of my favourite hobbies. Watching a Marvel Universe show, working on my planner and (not pictured) drinking a wonderful masala chai. I love paper planners even though I’m a Technology Coach. There is just something about writing in different colours and filling the pages with stickers that just makes me so happy! In my downtime I enjoy catching up on all the new shows within the Marvel Universe. Lastly, I love fancy, warm drinks, be it a whipped coffee, masala chai, or a milk tea. Give me caffeine and make it fancy please.

“We don’t grow where we are comfortable.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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