Jesse Colasanzio

Technology Coach

About me.

I completed my schooling as a Communicative Disorders Assistant and began my career working with students who experienced language delays. I especially enjoyed customizing Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems for individuals based on their unique abilities. This led me to the next stage of my career with Learnstyle where I am able to work with individual students, helping them to set up their individual assistive technology devices. I love seeing students realize what they are capable of using appropriate tools.

My Hero

I grew up reading and drawing comics and I really admire comic book artists. I have actually met some of my heroes in person (David Finch, Chris Bachalo, Jim Mahfood) and it has left me speechless to shake their hands and watch them work.

My Passion

My family is my passion. My wife and I work hard together to make every day great. Our daughter wakes us up every morning and we start our day together.

Family Vacations

My sister and I on a beach.


Favourite Food

Pizza (especially cold for breakfast)

Favourite Book

Comic books 

Best Halloween Costume

Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China

Growing Up

Growing up was great. My sister and I were always surrounded by friends and family, through good times and tough. We are still close and get together for dinners and holidays.


Due to teacher strikes, my degrees were sent in the mail, it was a bit disappointing.

Sticker Collectors

My daughter and I love stickers, sometimes we run out of places to put them, so we decorate each other.

The Art Process

This is a picture I drew of a rhinoceros that is still in progress. I usually start with pencil to draw an outline, then add ink to create shape using shadows.

More about me.

I love creating new things. Art is a way to constantly create strange new things that I have never seen before. Most of the time I have only a vague idea to start, then it grows bigger and clearer as I work through the process.

“Everything is what you make it.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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