Jennifer Young

Technology Coach

About me.

Before I joined Learnstyle, I always believed in the importance of being authentic. Authenticity is not easy to come by in the classroom because a teacher must first build trust with and between students before it emerges as a safe space for authenticity to grow. Being in the role of a technology coach at Learnstyle allows me to build these relationships with our students so that they feel safe in becoming authentic. Once they are able to be themselves, the magic of learning begins.

My Hero

All moms are heroes. They do not wear capes nor do they have special powers, they just have a special way of being kind, courageous and making the mundane magical.

My Passion

My passions are seeking opportunities throughout a day to be creative, make connections and learn something new. I love to travel, make new things from old things and meet new people.

Family Memories

When I was 3, my face would freeze to say “cheese” in all my photos.


Favourite Movie

Amelie – a French movie with amazing storytelling, visual direction and whimsical characters.

3 Thing to Bring to a Deserted Island

I would bring a sketchbook to collect plant samples, water filtration tablets and taco seasoning.

Your Favourite Animal

Llamas are sweet and silly looking. I fed my banana peel to one while travelling and fell in love.

Growing Up

As an eldest child, I was always babysitting and negotiated with my parents to have a pay increase when I was 12. I tracked the hours on graph paper and showed them that $20 a month was not sufficient. This was my earliest memory of using organizational skills for work.


I got my Education degree, and fefore that, I graduated in Fashion Design.

Travel Experiences

We spent a day with elephants at a sanctuary. The guide got the elephant to give me a wet kiss on the check. It felt like a wet vacuum cleaner!

Solo Travels

This photo is from my 1-year solo backpacking trip throughout Asia. I travelled by train toward the end of the trip.

More about me.

I like a challenge. I am in my element when I am travelling in a new or foreign place or when I am practicing yoga. These activities counterbalance each other as one can be hectic and the other is calming. Both are challenging for different reasons.

"Whether a storm or a mountain put on your boots and go with the terrain to make it memorable."


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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