Jennifer Saul

Technology Coach

About me.

I got into education as it was a passion to work with children, and this work at LEARNstyle helps me to still support children and the chance to meet people. When I saw the job listing for LEARNstyle, it jumped off the screen at me. This was perfect! I would be able draw on my experiences and my knowledge to help students achieve more at school.

My Hero

I admire Terry Fox as he found the personal strength to fight against the odds. Although initially his campaign was not well published, he persisted. He persisted against constant pain, horrible weather conditions and naysayers. Because of his efforts, many cancers are now curable.

My Passion



Favourite food


Favourite Colour


Happy Place

A cottage

Growing Up

I have great memories of playing outside in all kinds of weather. Making snow forts, tobogganing and skiing were some favourite winter activities. During the summer months bike riding, playing hide and go seek, camping and swimming were my favourite things to do.


The view from my happy place.

"Look at the big picture."


DJ Cunningham

DJ Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Cunningham

Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

David Mahon

Vice President

Lori Bingham headshot

Lori Bingham

Associate Regional Coaching Manager


Larry Hope

Industry Consultant and Advisor

Bryan Nesbitt headshot

Bryan Nesbitt

Director of Field Operations

Brenda Richardson

Brenda Richardson

Technical Project Manager

Randy Shand headshot

Randy Shand

Regional Coaching Manager

Barbara Williams Headshot

Barbara Williams

Reading Intervention Lead

Tiffanie Thompson headshot

Tiffanie Thompson

Scheduling Manager

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

Vice President Technology

Kelly Rudderham headshot

Kelly Rudderham

Regional Coaching Manager




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