Jeff Gordon

Technology Coach

About me.

After I graduated from teacher’s college, this opportunity came up from a former employee suggesting that I work there. After the first few months of being a technology coach I fell in love with the job. I wasn’t sure what kind of teacher I wanted to be, or where I felt most comfortable. Working with Learnstlye has shown me a whole new field of teaching that I absolutely love.

My Hero

My daughter. She has been through a lot and still seems to amaze me with her incredible strong character and huge heart.

My Passion

I love making kids laugh. Any career that lets me do that is a winner. My side gig is being Spiderman so I guess everybody wins!

Family Memories

The first family picture that I remember. 





Favourite Movie

Shawshank Redemption

Happy Place

Backstage of a theater, waiting to go on.

Favourite Animal


Growing Up

My family moved a lot,  Eventually we move outside of the town where Neil Young’s car broke down.


Graduating university was something I never thought I could do. Assistive technology is the key that unlocked all my knowledge and skills.

Happy Place

Here is my new happy place. Usually you would find me at the gym or on stage, but recently I have found a new passion, rock climbing.

More about me.

Gravity Rock Climbing.

“We don’t grow where we are comfortable.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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