Jassi Dhami

Technology Coach

About me.

I was always the quiet, invisible child in school. Always behaved, made average grades, and sat at the back of the class. I always wondered how many other students might share this type of experience in school. It was this thought that got me into education. As a teacher, and technology coach, I hope to make sure no student feels the way I did. While working with Learnstyle, I hope to help students grow their confidence, discover their hidden talents, and reach their full potential.

My Hero

I admire Helen Keller and her determination, perseverance, and courage. Her unshakable self-confidence has always encouraged me to pursue all of my goals, no matter how challenging they seem.

My Passion

The capacity to learn is a gift and it is my love for learning that gets me up each morning. I believe every day is an opportunity to learn something new and grow into a better person.

Family Gatherings

Life is better at the beach – or at least that is what I recall from my childhood



Favourite Colour

Sunset orange 

My Best Memory

Visiting historical landmarks during my trip to India

Favourite Book

The Great Gatsby


I recently graduated with my second Bachelor’s degree.

Trying New Things

Some of my favourite pastimes include arts and crafts, painting with watercolours, and more recently, pottery! This is a picture of the very first terracotta planter I made.

More about me.

Visiting the beach with my family, building sand castles, eating popsicles to cool-off on those hot summer days, and sharing cucumber sandwiches that would get mixed with sand, strawberries and suncream are all memories from my childhood that I cherish. What really makes these visits to the beach so memorable is not so much the sandcastles and popsicles, but more so the laughs shared with my family and the time spent together.

"Trust the process. You will always end up right where you are meant to be, right when you are meant to be."


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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