Grant Wilson

VP Technology

About me.

I’ve been architecting systems and software for almost 20 years, but have been developing in various evolving languages since early grade school.

With LEARNstyle, I feel like the systems I’m building are actually making a positive contribution to society in general – by giving educators better tools with better access to the data they require, in order to better do their jobs and prepare the next generation.

One of my guiding principles is to make sure that the systems understand and address the needs of EVERY type of user, and increase productivity.  That sounds like something that should be pretty obvious, but too many times in the past I’ve come across software that doesn’t provide any benefit to it’s users, but instead ends up ADDING to their workload by just being yet another place users have to enter information, or not understanding the day-to-day workflow of the target users.

Always question the “why”, and never just assume that anything you hear is correct.





"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." - Albert Einstein


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Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

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Managing Director




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