Erin Lenehan

Technology Coach

About me.

I became interested in Social Services while completing a cooperative education course in high school. From there I kept looking for opportunities to learn techniques and strategies to assist others to thrive in various aspects of their lives. I love learning and I always enjoy the chance to share what I’ve learned with others. I’m someone who looks at things from many perspectives and can hold space for others who may not “fit in”. My passion for working at LEARNstyle is in the opportunity to empower students to discover their abilities and embrace their education, however that may look.

My Hero

My Mom. She’s compassionate and so smart. Now that I’m a mother too, I can recognize all the sacrifices she has made and all the wonderful selfless things she has done for us. Honourable mention goes to Stephen Hawking, what an incredible human being!

My Passion

My passion is finding joy with other people and experiencing all the glorious intricacies there are to be found on this earth in this life. .

Music makes me happy!

Me listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with my dad’s big headphones. Music always makes me happy!!


Favourite Food

As a foodie I cannot choose a favorite food, but a fresh caught lobster is pretty amazing!

Favourite Type of Music

Music is a lifeline for me, almost any type will do.

My Happy Place

My happy place is my family cottage, now that it’s been sold I find the same happiness close to any body of water.

Growing Up

I was a happy kid who enjoyed reading, music, climbing trees, swimming in lakes and making stuff. I was a tomboy and a girly girl all at once. I spent summers at our family cottage. I was not a great student, but I loved school. Probably because I liked being around friends. When I was 13 I experienced a tethered spinal cord and was in a wheelchair and physical rehabilitation for a few months. It was a formative experience that , I think, further developed my sense of empathy for others and created the drive to advocate and support others who needed it.

Happy Place

The view at my family cottage.


Being silly

I love Christmas and one year I experimented with a funny filter to wish everyone a happy holiday.

PEI Adventure

My lifelong friend Talia and I on the flats in PEI after kayaking 30 minutes out to dig for clams, which went into a yummy clam chowder cooked oceanside that same day!

More about me.

I grew up around the water and spent many summers canoeing. When I went on a road trip to the East Coast I had my first experience in a kayak and fell in love. My ability to walk, run and other such abilities requiring legs or feet have always been unpredictable, but being in a kayak I found I can push myself and really get a good workout or just rest and let the water take me while I take in the wilderness around me.

“This too shall pass.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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