Emma Lee Lynch

Reading Intervention Coach

About me.

From my childhood filled with a love of reading, I have learned not only to appreciate the beauty of a good book, but also to understand the necessity of the ability to read as a fixture of the human experience. My experience as a writing consultant and tutoring provided me with a heart to share my passion for reading with the young minds that need it most.

My Hero

My hero is my favourite author, C.S. Lewis. He writes his novels (The Chronicles of Narnia, Til We Have Faces, etc) with such clarity and fluidity, making reading feel like breathing or drinking water. His imagery paints a beautiful picture of the human experience from childhood to adulthood.

My Passion

The most meaningful life I could imagine living would be one that helps those who need it most. I feel I can do this by helping kids who are unsure of themselves become not only successful in their endeavors, but confident in their abilities.

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Halloween Costume

Here is the aforementioned Princess Fiona costume, complete with ears.



Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is my dog.

Best Halloween Costume

My funniest Halloween costume, the one I’m most proud of, is Princess Fiona from Shrek.

My Happy Place

My happy place is a Christmas Market. Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Growing Up

As evidenced by this costume, I was kind of a funny, eccentric kid. I was also introverted, and very self motivated to do well in school. My journey growing up, into my university career and adulthood, has been learning to love the parts of me that make me unique and make me, me – these traits of humour, passion, introversion, drive, and introspection.

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I finished my in-person education experience a few months early due to Covid – this photo was taken right before the pandemic!

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Christmas Fun

Me having fun at my happy place (The Christmas Market).

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Here is an embroidery that I made of a bouquet!

More about me.

My hobby is embroidery! It is so rewarding to see something beautiful that you have

made with your own hands, and so relaxing to make!

A day with laughter is not a day wasted.


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