Christine Dhamrait

Technology Coach

About me.

Everyone needs to feel purposeful and empowered. Both don’t come easy, especially being a child in a big world. Growing up I was afraid of public speaking but with continued support from one special teacher, I was able to overcome my fears. Being available and supporting a student that is in need is a great gift. I am passionate to help kids bring meaning to the work they do at school and help them to transfer these skills to real life. I’m excited to engage the youth today and guide them to feel and believe that they can overcome anything in their path.

My Hero

My great aunt and my grandmother, both lived different lives. I’ve learned much from them about the balance in life such as enjoying the simple things, like a walk outside and the beautiful chaos of making dinner for over 50 people.

My Passion

When you’ve owned and operated a business for many years, you find ways to get up in the morning and get through the tiredness. The motivation now is the same, deliver great service and help others achieve success. I get excited knowing that the sessions will unlock a students’ potential and they get to see what they are capable of.

Family Trips

First Camping Trip 


Favourite Food

La Poutine of course, but with real curd cheese, not the shredded imitation stuff.

Happy Place

Quiet and serene in the morning, lively and active in the afternoon. The cottage never disappoints.

Favourite Type of Music

Anything that reminds me of car trips along vast highways: genre rock, 70’s and 90’s. Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac… Nirvana, Tragically Hip…

Growing Up

My parents filled our summers with concert goings and camping trips. I’ve been lucky to see both coastlines and everything in between. Music and sports were my joys. I played hockey as a goalie during an era of great growth for women in sports and always looked upon that time as trials and tribulations, which shaped who I am today.


Graduating from university was a moment of great achievement. I was proud to represent my hard work especially in a place where great leaders fought for Franco-Ontarien rights.

Silly Faces

Even when you are all dressed up, you have to stop, smell the roses and be silly… “The kid made me do it.”

Longing for the Lake

If I’m not staring at a lake, I want to be either on it or in it.

More about me.

I enjoy a good paddle out on the water, practicing my strokes or simply getting lost in a little canal or river bed. Last summer, a bald eagle flew right over me when kayaking through a channel. That same week, I witnessed a double rainbow swimming out near the rockcliff in a provincial park. Can’t wait to see where the water takes me next!

“Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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