Arathy Vethakiri

Reading Intervention Coach

About me.

Since a young age I chased the feeling of meaningfulness in every interaction; everything I did and continue to do comes from a place of purpose that aligns with my values. I value communicating and understanding because I believe it is vital to collective growth. LEARNstyle represents what I stand for and provides the environment for children to unravel and build esteem. Working with children allows me to be present and aid in strengthening their skills while strengthening my skills simultaneously.

My Hero

I admire Mother Nature and I view them as my Hero. They are a constant reminder to be strong and gentle while going through changes.

Growing Up

I grew up taking care of family and teaching dance. My childhood consisted of life lessons and opportunities to be responsible. I enjoyed being mature at a young age because it made me think through everything I did.

My Passion

I am passionate about living with intention and the betterment of myself. I believe that I will inspire others by leading as an example.


Favourite Movie

I enjoyed the movie I Origins.

Favourite Subject

I favoured science in school. 

Favourite Book

Currently my favourite book is Dune. 

Mission: Give every person the opportunity to succeed


DJ Cunningham

DJ Cunningham

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Cunningham

Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

David Mahon

Vice President

Lori Bingham headshot

Lori Bingham

Associate Regional Coaching Manager

Verna Chan headshot

Verna Chan

Low Incidence Manager


Larry Hope

Industry Consultant and Advisor

Bryan Nesbitt headshot

Bryan Nesbitt

Director of Field Operations

Brenda Richardson

Brenda Richardson

Technical Project Manager

Erika Saldana Omedo headshot

Erika Saldana-Olmeda

Tutoring Manager

Randy Shand headshot

Randy Shand

Regional Coaching Manager

Susan Schmidt headshot

Susan Schmidt


Barbara Williams Headshot

Barbara Williams

Reading Intervention Lead

Erin Ing headshot

Erin Ing

Blind/Low Vision Manager

Sandy McGee headshot

Sandy McGee

Regional Coaching Manager

John Tideman

John Tideman

Director, Strategic Growth

Tiffanie Thompson headshot

Tiffanie Thompson

Scheduling Manager

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

Vice President Technology

Diane Williamson

Diane Williamson

Technology Consultant

Sarah Zantout headshot

Sarah Zantout

Associate Regional Coaching Manager

Kelly Rudderham headshot

Kelly Rudderham

Regional Coaching Manager




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