Andrea Cassidy

Technology Specialist

About me.

In my role, I get to partner with educators to meet their student’s special education needs by providing solutions that save time and increase collaboration. Users want to spend more time with their students and less time on paperwork.
It’s gratifying to work with LEARNstyle and its education partners to build capacity and independence in students that will take them through their school journey and beyond.
This impact is what makes me passionate about serving the special education community and their life-changing work.

My Hero

My hero is definitely my grandmother, who’s calm and positive presence encouraged the best in others. She fostered over 90 children in her modest home, giving them the best she had until they found their forever family.

My Passion

I love everything about food, and I feel that it provides a connection to my family. I enjoy learning about other cultures through food and replicating old recipes!

Boss Baby

Andrea as a happy baby, sitting up like a boss on the sofa.


705-755-0043 x2226


Growing Up

I feel lucky to have grown up in a small town close to nature with ample time to explore, hike and play. My father taught me about cars and home repairs, and my mother always asked for my ‘help’ with the cooking and baking.

Delicious Dishes

Foods that I’ve made and plated

More about me.

I love cooking for family and friends, even after working as a chef for many years. Well prepared food is a joy to share with the people I care about.

“Everyone has something to teach you, and the most valuable lessons are about yourself.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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