Ammar Aquil

Technology Coach

About me.

I believe strongly in the ability of technology to empower every student to achieve their best. Technology engages students in ways that were not possible when I was a child, and I want to harness that power to enable all learners. Through Learnstyle, I have the opportunity to reach a magnitude of learners and show them how technology can enable their learning, and allow their knowledge to shine through finally, which may not be possible through the traditional method of pen and paper.

My Hero

Nelson Mandela, despite great adversity, went on to create a new nation and attempted to heal generations of racial divide.

My Passion

Education, specifically game-based learning. As someone passionate about video games I’m constantly thinking of creative ways to use games such as Minecraft to empower student learning.


My first birthday ever! 🙂


Favourite Movie Genre


Favourite Type of Music

Rock, need some high energy songs to get my morning off right.

Favourite Subject in School

History, in gradeschool I had a teacher with an infectious passion for making history come alive

Growing Up

I was not very engaged with education until I got into high school. But I sure had a lot of fun playing video games. They can’t be that bad if I turned out so good!


At my University undergraduate graduation


Exploring the World

I got the chance to live and teach abroad. Visiting new countries was a personal highlight because of the ways other cultures influenced me when I was growing up.

All smiles

At the happiest place on earth!

See the great wide world. Watch, learn, grow, do not settle. Change it for better


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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