Amberley Arnold

Technology Coach

About me.

I was diagnosed with a learning disability in grade 6. I had struggled for years before my diagnosis and had continued to struggle after due to the unique nature of dyscalculia. Despite the diagnosis, accommodations were not provided to help ease the difficulties this LD created. When I found out what LEARNstyle was doing to help level the playing field for students, I knew I had found the spot for me. To ensure that other students were provided with the tools to be successful with their learning differences and to help break down the emotional barriers they faced, it was the perfect blend of my counseling background as well as my passion that we can do better for students with learning differences.

My Hero

There are so many. One who comes to mind would be Maya Angelou. The adversity she faced in being a single mother, being of colour as well as being a woman is inspiring. She was an amazing inspirational writer and person. An amazing example of never giving up despite any barriers you face.

My Passion

To leave this world better than I found it is my passion. To be a safe haven for those who feel vulnerable and to support those people to become their best selves.

Childhood Mischief

This is me at around 7 years old. I was very spunky and mischievous.


Favourite Book

My favourite book is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. It is the story of people surviving in the poorest conditions in the caste system in India. It is an example of adversity and joy in the darkest of times.

My Happy Place

My happy place is by water. We live near the Eramosa river and I love to walk to see the river moving. I love being on the beach at lakes and oceans watching my family swim.

Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is a black Pug dog. Thirteen years ago, we brought our Pugsley home and he has been a complete joy ever since. He uses a litter box and is the snuggliest little creature you have ever met.

Growing Up

I had a great childhood. Both my parents were teachers, so I grew up around education. I lived to annoy my sister and entertain my parents. I grew up here in a city in Ontario and loved to camp and do theatre. We all attempt to be musical, and there was lots of music in my childhood.

Family Fun

It was embarrassingly not hard to find a picture of making a funny face. It typically happens every time my family and I try to take a serious photo!

Needlework Adventures

This is an example of some punch needlework I have done. I also love to kayak with my kids. It is almost always a disaster but so fun!

More about me.

My partner says I like this craft because it’s stabby! I like it because you can design your own patterns and make what you like! I love being out on the water in the kayak, fresh air, and great exercise!

Wherever you go, there you are”. I enjoyed living in new places when I was younger. The idea of a fresh start in a new place where you could be anything was my motivation. Then I learned the above and I learned that a fresh start can be anywhere, even in your own home town or with a change of attitude.


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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