Amber Arif

Technology Coach

About me.

My teaching career which is spread out across different continents started just by chance and not choice. I started teaching computers for a temporary position right after graduating and had some other career in mind. But teaching came naturally to me and the love of computers made it easier and fun. So then I realized my 2 passions: computers and teaching. Over the years I had a chance to teach different age groups and the most rewarding has been special education experience. LEARNstyle is ideal for my passions and goal, which are teaching technology and making it most rewarding.

My Hero

My father was and will always stay my hero. He showed me how to love selflessly and be there for everyone always. He was called Papa not only by his two daughters but by the entire family and the world kids we knew. He was an academic and he loved guiding/ mentoring the youth. He truly believed that everyone should be given the opportunity to study and that education changes people’s lives. And this is something which I believe too. He was highly respected and adored by his family, peers, colleagues and students.

My Passion

I believe that everyone in this world has something to offer and we all are here for a purpose. For me everyday can be a special day by being positive and helping others in one way or the other. Basically making most of every minute makes the day.

Amber and family posing in front of in Niagara Falls USA

Family Travels

Niagara falls adventurers. 


Favourite Animal

Cats are my favourite animal.

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

My phone….. So dependent on it! Especially Google for anything and everything.

My Happy Place

Any place with my family is my happy place.

Growing Up

I had the most secure and loving childhood full of fun and adventure. I was a tomboy growing up and we were just two sisters, my sister being ladylike and me a total outdoor sporty kid. Our father being a sportsman himself encouraged me in every kind of sport. Biking, swimming, tennis, jumping over walls, playing outdoors with neighbours/cousins and my dogs was my favourite pastime as a young kid.

Fun with college friends, dressed as lions


Fun times in college with friends. All dressed up in fancy dress as lions.

Amber posing for a selfie with family

My Lifeline

Me and my lifelines trying to fit in the selfie.

Amber's family posing with a mountain in the background


Travelling and having adventurous trips with my husband and 2 boys is my fav. Here we travelled to Banff Alberta.

More about me.

My pastimes are social media, visiting or entertaining family & friends, outdoor and sporty activities like eating out, hiking, playing tennis, travelling

"Make Impossible possible by trying and trying again.


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director




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