Alison Pugh

Office Administrator & Scheduler

About me.

My original goal was to be a teacher so that I could influence the development of children and although I never pursued teaching as a profession I was very involved with the elementary school my children attended. I helped coach sports teams, volunteered in the classrooms and participated in school council for 10 years. My position with Learnstyle has brought me back to working and supporting students in the education field and I am so proud of how we impact the lives of students, teachers and parents.

My Hero

I have looked up to many people during my life. The ones I have appreciated the most have taught me to always see the best in people and always look for the silver lining in every situation.

My Passion

Make every day count and live with no regrets.

Love for the Beach

My love for beaches started at a young age. The Beaches were locations my parents used to vacation with us as young children.





Best Memory

Christmas time spent at the cottage when the kids were young

My Happy Place

The Cottage

Favourite Animal

The Bearded Collie Dog

Growing Up

I was very involved in Track and Field when I was young. 100 metres and 200 metres were my specialty. I completed till I was in Grade 13. This sport gave me a good sense of discipline as you had to work hard if you wanted to be competitive and stay at the top of the field.


Graduated from Ryerson University with a BA in Secretarial Science Program. This picture was taken at Ryerson with my father-in-law who was an amazing man and a 2nd father to me

Halloween Parties

Halloween Parties were my favourite. We hosted one every year for about 13 years. Every year was a challenge to come up with a better costume than the previous year. Some years we set themes to help people decide on their costumes.

Solving Puzzles

I have two favourite hobbies/pastimes. I love reading on the dock in the summertime at the cottage. I also enjoy doing puzzles.

More about me.

This puzzle was provided by a co-worker. We worked on it as a family during our COVID and we never thought we would get the 1000 pieces completed. However, we did it in 3 weeks. On to the next challenge.

“Always look for the best in people and do not judge others solely by their actions.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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