Tayler Payson

Technology Coach

About me.

Working in the field of education, specifically special education I have encountered many students, teachers and educational assistants struggling to find assistive technology that works for the student. Thus I am passionate about helping these students and teachers so that they are able to have a fair access to education and learning. At LEARNstyle I am able to do just that, help students reach their full educational potential by providing them with training on assistive technology that works for them!

My Hero

My mom is my hero! She is such a strong, independent and amazing woman and has always been my number 1 supporter!

My Passion

My passion is helping people in any way, shape or form!

Family Gatherings

Every lick makes us even closer family!!



Favourite Colour

Yellow and purple and fun fact they are complimentary!

Favourite Subject

I love math!!

Happy Place

The kitchen! I love to cook.

Growing Up

Growing up I lived right beside my grandparents and I am forever thankful they were a part of my life so much. I was able to see them nearly every day and they are some of my favourite people ever. In fact, my grandma (who I call Jamma) is probably the one behind the camera for my picture!


Accompanied by my two best friends, one I made in university, the other from high school!

Combo Joy!

Two of my favourite things; camping and cooking. I met my best friend through Girl Guides where we would go camping a lot! My other pastime is cooking because I just love to cook!


“Things always work out how they are supposed to.”


DJ Cunningham


Rick Cunningham

Chief Learning Officer

David Mahon

Managing Director





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